Friday, March 25, 2011


So last night I found out I had a test for my COMMS 332 class (Media Planning and Buying) that I have to take by tonight at 10pm. Lucky for me, I had a friend in the class who asked me if I've taken it yet...if he wouldn't have asked, I wouldn't have known, and I would have completely skipped it. Lucky me?
So here I am...Friday the library...studying my brains out for this dumb test. (Which is the only one we have in this class all semester...our grade is mostly based off of projects in class.) I'm basically doomed.
At least I've learned my lesson - hopefully. I'm always like 5-10 minutes late to this class. That's why I was ill-informed of this exam. It's my own fault. I just hate the consequences coming from it.
Don't pity me. I'm getting what I deserve. Haha.

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