Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm currently eating spoonful after spoonful of coffee flavored ice cream. Call me a sinner - but it's only coffee FLAVORING. I swear :) I just really really like it! I get it from my mamma...she has a secret love for it, too. My dad always gets mad when she buys herself a little pint to stash away in the freezer...I was always the one to end up finding it. She got me hooked.

It's finals week. I'm dying. I spend the majority of my days in the library now. Whether it's a productive place to study - well...that's a matter of opinion. I have my days where I can get plenty done there - but there are also nights like tonight where I lack complete desire to do any studying whatsoever. I'm hoping my load won't be as heavy as I'm thinking it's going to be.

I have two final presentations for my advertising classes on Monday (one of which is for Mothers Car Polish - no lie...I really have to come up with a media plan for MOTHERS CAR POLISH. Get outta here...). My History of Creativity final is in class Monday afternoon - besides that, I have my New Testament final to take any time next week and then my sign language final is Thursday afternoon, the day before I head back home to Austin.

In between all this studying and presenting, I've got to find time to pack up all my crap I have here in my apartment and deep clean everyyything. The place I live is KNOWN for their ridiculously hard cleaning checks in April - they charge obscene amount of money for the slightest imperfections in the cleaning job. I'm determined to come out with the entirety of my deposit :) Wish me luck.

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  1. I do not miss Liberty Square cleaning checks at all. Our cleaning checks here consist of making our bed and making sure all our clothes are stuffed into the closet and closed haha. Good luck with all your finals! Love you!