Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obligatory Update

I've written a lot of things since my last post...but nothing I feel comfortable sharing with the public yet. My apologies for these last few months of silence. I've been coping with lots of upcoming change and it's been a rough road so far.

In case you haven't heard... we're moving to Las Vegas next month! Nathan [finally] graduates on May 9 and we'll be taking off soon after that. We don't have a place to live yet, nor do I have a job lined up yet, so I'm quietly stressing out right now.

If you know of any awesome/clean/new-ish/affordable/safe apartment complexes or homes or condos or whatever in Henderson or Summerlin, please let me know! Also- any advertising/marketing/design jobs that you hear about...keep me in mind :) 

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