Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jake's Hill

I'm sick of all this studying I've been doing lately. I just want finals to be over!!! I'm back in Austin in 6 days. Get. Excited. Wooooo hoo!!

I was just reminiscing on high school days...when I never studied until the day of the test - and still managed to pull out all A's. It's nice how that changes, isn't it? :| Not. Anyways, I remembered back when I used to have these things called sleepovers? (foreign term to me now...) with my friend Kelsi - we would always sneak out really really late at night to drive to this haunted bridge by her house. Haha. It's called Jake's Hill - and according to legend, if you drive right onto the middle of this bridge and turn your car off, there are ghosts that come out and start pushing your car. We would always laugh until we actually went there and it freaking worked!! Yeah. We would turn her car off and sit there silently, and soon enough, the car would slowly start to roll - and we could tell because there were lines on the bridge and we would mark the spot we started - one time I think we "got pushed" like 3 feet. It would always freak us out so bad!!! But we could never get enough of the adrenaline rush. It was just too fun :) 
Real or not - I miss days like that. I miss really KNOWING the town I live in. I feel like I hate Provo so much, I'm not even giving it a real chance to open up to me - to really go explore what is has to offer people. Ha. Even if it's just a silly urban legend :) I'm back out here for summer semester - so maybe I'll have enough time on my hands to really have fun in this little college town full of Mormons :) Maybe it'll surprise me...

We had AdLab Prom last night! I took Aimee as my date :) We could not have been a more perfect couple. The theme they gave us was "_____ Formal" - so basically, as long as you were dressed up as something, then you were allowed in. Some came in actual formal attire, some as denim formal, others and 80's formal, or white trash formal...Aimee and I decided to go as pajama formal. We put on our onesies, grabbed our stuffed animals and a Dum Dum lollipop, and definitely attended THE most comfortable prom ever :) Thank you, Aimee for putting up with us crazy advertising kids for the night!! :)

Did I mention I go home in 6 days???? :) :) :) 4 finals - packing AND deep cleaning till departure. Bring it.

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