Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life lately according to my iPhone

It's the final countdown. Nate's officially completed 80% of his internship, leaving him with roughly 2 weeks left. Meanwhile, I've been twiddling my thumbs down here in Texas, trying to keep myself busy at work every day and at home by myself every night. 
Here's a little look at what my summer has consisted of thus far:

Sending workout selfies to my husband. It's fine. Muscles are cool and stuff. 

The first month was the absolute hardest. We caved and bought two round-trip flights for me to go up and visit him. This was the first - spent mostly in Panaca (Nate's hometown 2.5hrs from Vegas). It was wonderful.

Shameful selfies at work. Cause I was wearing polka dots aaand a braid. It was a big step.

We have the greatest friends here in College Station. I honestly wasn't expecting to make such amazing friendships while Nate and I were here for two years of school. It's only been one year and I feel like we'll be in touch with some of these familes for the rest of our lives. They're so awesome. This is Sailor. She's 3 and she acts like she's 16 and she's one of my favorite people in all the land. I like to color with her and feed her lots of sugar >:) 

This is cute Nathan with some of our favorite nieces :) They live in Southern California and Nate was nice enough to go down there and help them move a few weekends ago. They love him because he takes them out for breakfast burritos and donuts when he comes to town.

This marked part 2 of 2 of my trips to Vegas this summer. I had July 4 off so we took full advantage of the long weekend. My flight got in at 6:30am and I've never seen that airport so empty in my entire life. Usually it's a mad house, but the only person I saw was the cleaning lady in the bathroom downstairs!

We had to wait an hour until the place we wanted to go for breakfast opened it's doors. So we sat in the car and giggled at each other until it hit 7:30am. It was so nice to finally be able to sit across from him while eating a meal.

We aren't very rich, so we tried to keep ourselves busy the rest of the day without spending lots of money. Part of this resulted in us trying to sneak into the Red Rock Hotel pool with one of our old hotel cards...didn't work. They had that place fully guarded and we felt dumb for trying. But it was actually pretty fun(ny).

The accountant at the hospital Nate is interning at hooked us up with tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show called KA. It was preeeeetty cool. Neither of us had been to a show like that before - I honestly didn't even know where to look half the time because I felt like there was something going on in every corner of the room, but it was thoroughly entertaining, and that's all that matters. Also, very asian. Very, very asian.

We made our way over to Panaca the next day. It wouldn't be a trip unless we went to see Nate's parents. Nate calls this part of the desert 'dino poop', cause that's what it looks like. Duh.

There's this old man in Nate's home ward that always comes up and talks to us (me) and whispers sweet nothings into my ear, except he doesn't really whisper, he talks really loud and makes sure everyone can hear what he's saying. It's quite uncomfortable but the attention is nice...I guess...? I can always count on a good hand massage from him while he's doing it. 

Goodbyes never get easier. I left Vegas that night knowing I'd have to survive the remaining 5 weeks until Nate finishes. Tears were shed. It was embarrassing. Whatever.

Welp - took me long enough to get one of these bad boys. This makes me SUPER official, right? I even get access to THE STAIR WELL. I'm really moving up fast. It's really exciting.

This is what our weekends look like. Woo hoo. I feel bad for Nate cause he definitely has it much worse than me. Once he gets home from work he literally has nothing to do. He doesn't have anyone to hang out with or anywhere to he just hangs out in his little casita reading or watching TV or going on walks, or prepping for the fellowships he'll have to apply to this fall. Poor guy.

This is what myyyy weekends look like. Sometimes. When Sailor is in a good mood and wants to come play with me. Check out her pruny hands - we did some serious swimming that day.

Look at cute Nathan in his hospital scrubs! :) The truth is, he's not technically supposed to wear scrubs for this internship, since he's interning under the CEO - he's typically found in nice business attire. This was a special day where they had him doing manual labor, so his boss sent me a picture of him and a cute text and it totally made my day. Love him :)

And for the most recent news in my life - I found a neglected sweet potato in my cupboard! It was not smelly, but it did start growing pink limbs and it reminded me of my sister's many guinea pigs. So there's that. 

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