Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slow Motion

Do you ever feel like sometimes life is going by too quickly? You look back and feel like maybe your days have been in fast forward for a few months? 

For so long now I thought that that was how I wanted it to be. I've always been a fan of moving on to bigger and better things. My life for years now has been extremely fast paced. I graduated high school early. I took college classes while in high school still. I came to college thinking I could keep with that same rhythm. And I could. And I have. And now I hate it. I could graduate in June if I wanted to. I could move to New York if I wanted to. I could start my career if I wanted to. 

You know what else I could do? I could leave all my best friends and best memories. I could jump the gun and not have any fun with my classes. I could groan and complain about how much I hate Provo and let everyone know how ready I am to get out of here. I could listen to my mind and not my heart. 

I could listen to MY will instead of HIS will. 
I could make a mistake.

And that's what I realized whilst sitting in my D&C class yesterday. I was only listening to what I wanted - not what He has in mind for me. And that was a mistake. 

Why would I want to graduate a year earlier than everyone else I came here to BYU with? Why would I want to move to New York at barely 20 years old to start a career? Why would I want to leave my very best friends to move on to no one and loneliness at such a young age? Why would I only take the required courses and not take advantage of the fun classes I have available to me here at one of the top universities in the nation? Why would I complain about this awesome college town that I live in? There are so many good things about it - it's a shame that I find myself getting down on it so often. Why would I want to get out of here after only living here for 3 years? 

I don't. I'm not. I'm staying. 


  1. my biggest regret in college is that I didn't play more... savvy woman

  2. You should pay more attention to me while you're at it.

  3. Zoe that's the best news I've heard in a long time and I couldn't be more happy about it for you! I sure do love you!

  4. Life is like a roll of toilet paper... the older it is, the faster it rolls.

  5. I liked this post so much when I read it. I always get so caught up in going going going that I forget to stop and enjoy life! I couldn't sleep, and I remembered it this morning so I came back and found it. Just what I needed :)