Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baseball, Sunshine, & BBQ

Summertime is swinging in fast down here in Texas...we had our first 90 degree day that other day...not too excited about it. Luckily, the rest of these last few weeks have been filled with nice 75-80 degree skies, so I can't complain too much, yet. 

We've tried to soak it all up before the heat gets unbearable. Hence the title of this post...it basically sums up everything we've been doing lately. I steal as much of Nathan's time on the weekends as possible since we don't have very many left before he leaves for the summer. [He's interning at a hospital in Las Vegas for 10 weeks starting the last week of May :( I get to stay here in College Station so I don't lose my job.]

 Ribs n stuff

We got called as nursey leaders a couple months back. Woooooooo. 
Pretty positive I'm going to be asked to be released once Nate leaves at the end of May... 

The wildflowers came out to play!! They were alive and well for about 3 weeks before they starting getting dull and drying up :( I loved them while they lasted...
(that's my work behind that small hill there...) 

Our first Aggie baseball game!! (probably our last!)

The first of many pool days :) Grills surround our pool at our apt complex, so BBQ's a plenty this summer. I can't wait.
I made these ADORABLE fruit kabobs that day and totally spaced on taking a picture of them. They were the cutest.

 Nate saved the day when all the kids forgot their Easter baskets at home. He ran all the way back and all the other moms praised him (and me) for how amazing he is. 

 Nathan insisted we hold this egg while taking this picture. NO I'm NOT pregnant.

I made some delicious cookies. Recipe can be found here. Best eaten 10-15min after pulling them out of the oven :)

MORE baseball!! I honestly hate the sport, yet we continute to go watch it. Don't ask me why...I guess it was just something to do. Besides, I didn't mind too much with this guy sitting on my lap the majority of the time :) 

Go Astros??

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