Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sun and the Moon

I love waking up and going for early morning runs :] I've always been one of those people that go running at matter how late it was -call me crazy, but sometimes last fall I would even go at like 1 lie. 
This morning I decided to go exploring the bike/ped trails around our house up here...aaand you could say it was a learning experience :] Haha. First off, I was trying to limit my run to a maximum of an hour - but preferably like 45 minutes. So I get to the head of the "Rio Grande" trail and it says it's like 2.8 miles...and I was like, 'Oh that's nothin...let's do it...'. What a joke. The beginning was totally fine - and SO gorgeous!! There were two big bridges that went over this beautiful rushing river down below and the views were spectacular. I came like a foot away from touching a deer right on the trail...the wildflowers were stunning and the weather could not have been more perfect for running:] The only problem was the altitude! It was KILLER! After a couple miles I was pretty beat...but it didn't look like the trail was coming to an end any time soon - I just kept passing tree after tree, after mountain after river...until FINALLY I saw a road, but nothing looked familiar and I was hoping it would bring me back around toward downtown Aspen. I thought wrong - ends up, after finally finding another trail map, I needed to take the "Cemetery Lane Trail" for about 3 more miles to get back to the house in the opposite direction. Most of this trail was all up hill and totally in the sun, except for like 2 blocks...Ha. Pretty cool, huh? :] Not. Somehow I managed to get back to the house in exactly 1 hour from when I I'd say that was a small miracle. 

Anyways, my favorite part of the run was the fact that if I looked one direction I could see the sun rising, and in the other direction the moon was still out and beaming :] It was gorgeous. (See picture above) This Earth is incredible. I thank God for creating such a beautiful planet for us to live on and enjoy :] What a great place...I hope that one day I'll be able to go and see for myself all the rest of it's great wonders...

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