Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bangin Bangs

Well folks, the work has paid off. Mission: Resemble Zooey D. has been accomplished. On average, I get roughly nine comments per week pertaining to my doppelganger. That's more than one a day :) I feel so proud. Haha.
Here's some quick updates on my life:

Celebratory birthday dinner for Ricardo!! He's on  a mission in Honduras, and we felt it was only appropriate that we still celebrated on his day of birth.

CELTICS-JAZZ Game!! Went up to SLC to witness the win.
BOMB roommate, Aimee - I'm so sad I won't be with her in the fall :( But that just means plenty of sleepovers and shopping trips. Love this girl.

Avid Jimmer fans :) We are witnesses.
Oh and this is Cassie, btw. Gorgeous, ain't she?

LIFE IS GOOOOOD! The semester is flying by. I cannot believe it's already March! My birthday is in less than two weeks - General Conference is right around the corner - Finals will be starting within WEEKS! I cannot believe it. I'm so stoked for summer. I miss being tan. And my family. And the Wesner's. It's gonna be a great rest of the year. I can just feel it :) Stay tuned.

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