Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love You, Jimmaaaa!!!

Well hello avid Jimmer fans!! And if you are not - become one - because he's about to become player of the year, and you definitely wanna be in on this bandwagon. Seriously.
We're currently working on a campaign for him in our very own BYU AdLab...they made a wicked sweet website that you're gonna want to keep checking :) Make sure you're using Chrome or Firefox though - but if you're using anything else, you really need to keep yourself updated with modern technology. Really. Now go check out some Jimmer!!

And watch this video - cause it makes me smile :)

1 comment:

  1. Regarding website - cool idea with some nice content on the site, but seriously the web designer of the site needs get a failing grade. The decision to have mouse movement scroll the page for you is the worst decision you could make in the history of mankind. period. especially because you can't reach the full vertical or horizontal extent of the page without doing ACTUAL scrolling with your mousewheel. On Chrome AND Firefox. If you know the web designer - pass on those comments.