Monday, May 2, 2011

Cocoa-Nut ;)

These little M&Ms are the devil...

One of the worst things about holidays, is the excess amounts of candy that are produced for them. Even worse - all the leftover candy that goes on sale days after it's over. My mom is the queen of bargain shopping; something I've really learned the art's awesome. So for example, the day before Easter this year, she asks us in the car one night, "hey guys, you don't mind if you don't get your easter candy for another couple days, right?" You can only guess why this came out of her've all seen the holiday candy go from 30% off to 75% off within a week at Target. 
I was lucky enough to go with her the other night to buy the remaining sweets gathering dust on the metal shelves there at Super Target. We collected our fair share of Sweet Tarts Bunnies Gummies and Reester Bunnies; An occasional box of easter egg shaped Reeses pieces...but what I continued to hesitate to put into our basket was these bags of coconut flavored M&Ms. I love M&Ms. Peanut M&Ms, especially - I could probably eat a whole bag, by myself. Ask Aimee - we got the huge king size one for my birthday party this year and no one really ate them at the party, so we took them home and somehow the entire bag was empty within the month. Pretty gross, huh? Anyways, I figured we'd might as well try them, saying as how they were 75% off and still M&Ms...they've got to be some sort of good...
Let me just say - NOT putting them in our cart probably would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life - or perhaps one of the best decisions I've ever made...debatable. They are DELICIOUS. I ate one and thought they literally put tiny coconut flakes inside the candy coated chocolate balls. I had to bite one in half to actually see that they didn't - yet they taste sooooo good! You could probably compare them to an Almond Joy - but these are like bite size and crunchy and oh so yummy :) 
If you have yet to try them, I'm sure they are still only $1 a bag at your local Target. Go get yourself some and indulge in a new obsession.

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