Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Times They Are A Changing...

Well folks, I supposed it's time for some updates. It's been almost a month since I've posted, and while it feels as though not too much has happened, I guess a lot actually has...

These past few weeks have been spent in desperate pursuit of earning my tuition money all within the two months I have here in Austin - meaning I'm working a minimum of 50 hrs/week. Let's just say my exhaustion level is beyond where I ever thought it could be? Some may gawk at my job - playing with kids may seem to be the easiest job on earth...well, that is where you are mistaken. Ha. Perhaps you just haven't ever had to deal with a child that really equals about 3 or 4 normal children. Somehow I still manage to perk up enough to maintain my patience level and optimism to make it through the day. Haha.
I finally have a reeeal Texas tan line!! :) That was a big goal of mine while being down here this summer. I happen to swim a lot with the kids, so I've been really trying to get a good one this year. It's coming along grrreat. I'm really very excited about this. Ha. Also, my J.Crew obsession is becoming almost too dangerous for my own good. Shopping here in Austin is lethal to my bank account. Someone, please, restrain me.
The pest boys are back in business for the summer! I was naturally drawn to them when they said they were from the Salt Lake area. Anything related to Utah at this point makes me anxious to get back - so when I can relate with anyone on that level, it's extremely, almost pathetically exciting for me. Ha.
A few friends have returned from missions abroad! Woo!! It's so weird thinking that two years have already come and gone...while their farewell seemed like just a month ago, so much has changed within these two short years. I, personally, have changed so much in the two years they've been gone. It's nuts. But it's so good to have them home :) I can't wait to all be up at the Y together in the fall.
On the other hand, I'll be losing some friends here within the next few months. EVERYONE is getting married. I swear. I log onto Facebook and there are at least two new feeds about someone else getting engaged. No worries, I will not be one of these new surprised for your news feeds on the :) My love life is shot; and I do not for-see any luck in changing that any time soon.

Besides that, I'm happy to say that I'll be returning to good 'ole Provo in exactly 2.5 weeks! I could not be more thrilled to get back into that bubble. Haha. I say that now, but I'll be complaining after a month. Just wait.

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