Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Wave

It's impossible for me to sleep in anymore. I worked a 60 hour week this last week - and it consisted of me waking up no later than 8am every single day...yeah sure that's not early - but it's SUMMER! You're supposed to be able to sleep in during summer! Summer means you're up late every single night! So waking up early is the most dreaded thing since raw broccoli.
But it just so happens, that the one day (Sunday) that I don't work and I don't have church starting until 2:45 PM!!!!, my body won't even let me sleep past 9:30. Are you kidding me??

I hate when I forget about Redbox movies that I've rented. I kept mine for 2 extra nights this week. So much for Slurpee runs after work this week...that money just down the toilet for some ridiculous Adam Sandler movie filled with potty talk and boobs. Awesome.

On a better note - my lack of initiative to find a driving buddy up to Utah this week ended up landing me the two best moving buddies I could ask for :) Mom and Wyatt. Somehow we found two airline tickets with Southwest for only $100 from SLC back to Austin! How lucky are we?!? So they get to drive up and hang out with me for a few days. Super stoked.
It's strange thinking I'll be back up in Utah in less than a week now...I feel so excited, yet I know my emotions are on a constant roller coaster when it comes to things like my living situation...I love it for about two months, and then I'm suuuper ready to be somewhere else - anywhere else. Haha. Hopefully I can make those two months last a lot longer this time up there :)

Also, I've realized I'm really awful at writing back missionaries. I've received like 5 letters all within the first two weeks I was here (almost two months ago) and I have still failed to respond to any of them. I'M THE WORST FRIEND EVER!!

Also, I think my dad and I are about to purchase a Macbook Pro. This Dell is a piece of junk. Never. Buy. Dell. Always. Mac.

Currently listening to Big Wave by Jenny and Johnny. 

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