Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Well I'm back in the beehive state! After 22 hours of driving (nonstop), some maintenance repair, one ticket, and many bladder relieval breaks, we made it. 

Underneath my front bumper, you find this piece of work :| 
I've been having issues with it for a few months now - I guess it was missing some pins so it started dragging, and then my dad worked his magic and pinned it back up somehow, but then about two hours out of Austin it started dragging again. (Why we didn't get this fixed before we left, I don't know) We had to pull over, and not even 5 minutes of waiting, some old man named Bradley, driving a huge diesel truck, pulled to the side of the road next to us and totally ripped out the entire piece for us. Haha. Luckily he had all the right tools to do the job. THANK GOODNESS FOR TEXAS! :) If we were anywhere else, we'd still be sitting there waiting for help.

Sorry for the blur - Wyatt and my mom came up at the perfect time. My second cousin got married this last weekend, so we were all able to go and see family members we haven't seen since I was like 3. It was great. 

Bring on summer in Utah!!! I got my Gold's membership yesterday. I've spent my afternoons out at the pool every day, and I'm already writing essays for class. Ha. This is gonna be a blast :)

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