Monday, November 28, 2011


I've spent the last two days sitting in front of a computer trying to complete the monstrous amounts of homework I have due before finals the second week in December. 10 page papers, multiple group presentations, hours and hours of research and surveying...not to mention the endless amounts of studying I'll need to do all in between there for the actual final exams I have to take. Let's just say I'm more than excited to be done with this semester.

My friend, Mika, is in the advertising program with me. She posted a link to her blog (click 'link' to check it out!) on Facebook tonight. Oh my awesome! Please go look at how cool she is. Also, I hope she doesn't read this because I'm going to post this sweeeet cover they did of Your Protector by Fleet Foxes. Her and her roommates are so talented, it's inspiring :)

Need some other cool tunes to feed your ears? I've listened to a lot lately whilst writing/studying/researching on this are some good ones:

Widow of a Living Man by Ben Harper (I can't find a youtube vid for it...but find it, it's good)
(All of these were discovered on Pandora. Just listen to the Angus and Julia Stone playlist!)

ALSO - one more thing. You may have heard of it - but YouTube made a movie. It's called Life In A Day. It's "a historic film capturing for future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010."
If you have an hour and a half, you should watch it. It's incredible. 


  1. AHHH!! I DID READ THIS! [but i don't mind] WHOA! You sneeky chica you. I'm happy you liked the song!

  2. STOP IT! GET OFF!! Haha jk. You make me wanna do cool things. Thanks, Mika :)