Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Week of No Sleep

This has probably been the most stressful week of my college career. Bless my teachers, but all of them decided to have finals the week before "real" finals week. Now that it's almost over, I'm grateful that I'll be sitting around relaxing while everyone else is slaving away next week :) It's Wednesday, and I already have half of my finals completed. Just moments ago, I finished my 12 page research paper for my adolescent development class. I was impressed that I didn't have a meltdown in the process of writing was quite painful.

I had to complete my advertising portfolio for my account planning class. You can check it out here. (click here!)

I had my business writing final this afternoon, and let's just say that I'm grateful for a working brain, because I didn't study a single bit for that test and I walked out feeling pretty dang good. I'm so glad I'm done for good with that class.

I have my communications law final on Friday. Wish me luck.

Until then, I'm going to go sit on a couch doing nothing for the next couple hours until I fall asleep.

If you're bored, watch/listen to these videos...

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