Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have a fear of disappointing people. I struggle with showing my true self to those around me because more often than not, humans tend to set an unreal expectation for those around them, and due to that, project unfair judgements on them before really giving them a chance. It's just the way we work - and while you can find book after quote after tweet about not judging others...I think maybe they've just become silent faults we all keep within ourselves so that we're not perceived as hypocrites. 

It's easy to cover up and blend in with the rest of society- with the way we dress, the way we talk, what we listen to, or what we eat. And I think it's kind of silly, but all so interesting at the same time- the way we're all so very, very different, yet we're all so capable of becoming just like anyone else around us due to the way society has placed importance on popular culture as opposed to developing more individualized characteristics. It's such a personal battle that we all have to go through - how much do we want to fit in with everyone, yet how much do we want to stand out as well? Is there a happy medium, or are there always going to be skeptics and people to disappoint with our level of conformity? Probably. 

Here's what I think - I think there are some things, people, and ideals that are ok to follow, blend in with, and apply in order to satisfy our humanistic needs and desires: to be accepted, praised, respected, secure, fed...the list goes on, but you get what I'm saying. There are also self-actualization needs that need to be met so that we aren't just constantly heeding to what society tells us is acceptable. Flaunt your quirkiness. That's what makes you stand out from all the rest. Your limbs may be a little longer or a little more bent and bruised than others around you, but those little quarks are what add to your beauty and keep you different from anyone else. Sure, to get along we all may wrap a little white plastic around our middle sections - but only for mere enjoyment purposes. Just as if you were looking for a new friend, it's things like the kind of music you listen to, or the clothes you wear that draw you towards like-minded people (for the most part). I feel like just as long as we don't allow that to be all-consuming, we'll be aaaay-ok ;) And hopefully keep us around a positive support system that will always raise us back up after we run into a little pitfall. (Thank you, Ashley) 

Don't let the fear of disappointing people get in the way of your confidence. Strangers can think whatever they want... just be grateful for the people that take the time to grow close to you.  

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