Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Some of my most favorite days spent in Chicago this summer have happened just within the past five days. Might as well go out with a bang, right?

Went out to the lake for some wakeboarding and 
came back a little more tan and a lot more sore :)

Oh yeah, and then remember that one time Emily
and I locked ourselves out of our house and I
tried to break us in? Didn't work. Not even close.

Started this charmer for my book report at 
work (shocking, I know). It's actually quite good.

"Happiness it where you find it, 
not where you look for it."

I took a bathroom break at work yesterday and came 
out to hear the incredible voice of Haley Reinhart 
echoing off the walls of the office. Sure enough she 
was belting it in cafe down the hall. 

We spent Monday night playing beach volleyball 
off of North Shore Beach. So glad I captured 
the moment. The sunset was breathtaking. 

5 more days until I'm on a plane to California to 
see 5 of my favorite people. High five, anyone?

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