Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Byes

It's a bittersweet feeling, seeing someone off on a mission. It's a little hard to comprehend right in the moments leading up to it - you don't really know how or what to feel, so you kind of just keep smiling because you don't know what else to do. But then there's that real moment right there at the end where you finally realize what's happening - and that's when the tears come. That's when you realize what you're really doing is saying goodbye, and that's when you realize you're sending them off...and you won't see them for a very long time. And it's happy, and it's sad...but mostly it's happy - because they're happy, and you know how happy they're going to make everyone else they're going to be with...because they're so great, and you know that other people need them more than you do right now. Even though you love them so much and don't want other people to replace you or get to know them like only you do - and maybe they won't, but you're allowed to be selfish with your very best friends, right?

I've sent off two of my best friends in the last two weeks. The emotions didn't hit me until today, when I dropped of Kaitlin at the MTC. It was easy not getting emotional when Aimee went in, because she didn't let us see her day-of, and I still had Kaitlin to call when I needed her once she was already gone. But today as I was sitting next to Kait at lunch, in her cute little missionary clothes and her big bright smile, it all hit me. The only thing that was keeping me together in that moment was how happy she was- sitting next to me and all of her family. I couldn't help but smile with her all the way to the curb where the greeters were there ready to take her bags and whisk her off into the sea of other missionaries. And I smiled and smiled, even when I felt those tears running down my face as I was saying my last goodbyes. I was the last one to hug her. And I squeezed her little arm and I told her how great she was going to be. Because she is. She's going to be the very best missionary that has ever been. I know that. And I'm so proud of her. And I feel so blessed to have known her these last 4 years. And I know that Heavenly Father has been saving her - saving her for this time and for these people. She has a great work ahead of her :) And I'm so extremely excited to hear all about it.

I love my little Sorella.

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