Thursday, June 27, 2013

the next time i get on an airplane i'll be on my way to see my babe. a week later i'll be getting married to him for time and all eternity. i feel like i've been going a million miles a minute lately, and it's been hard to just stop and just rest my mind. i miss that. it probably explains why i haven't written on here for a while.

wedding planning is a witch. didn't see that one coming.

invitations are out. still didn't get them perfect.
i slaved over them for hours and hours and hourssss trying to get them just right.
somehow i got the reception date wrong. (to all you texas folk- it's friday, aug. 16th. not 15th. oops.)

my dress is perfect. at what i thought was my final fitting, i bust the zipper trying to get it over my chest. being one of the flattest chested people on the planet- this was a little pleasing but also very stressful. but cheryl is a saint and got it perfect by the time we were supposed to take our formals a couple days later.

i'm trying to do this wedding the cheapest way possible- so i decided to make my own bouquet. that meant for my bridals, too. luckily my mom owns her own business, so i was able to buy them through a wholesaler (literally 75% off what someone had quoted me for my bouquet!) i had called ahead weeks before and the man that worked at the florist said he was poooositive that the flowers i needed would be in the store if i came in early in the morning. he swore they would have them.
my mistake was in believing him. i got there and started to easily collect the flowers i needed. and then i got to the last ones- the main ones for my arrangement. the ones that would really make it complete. it was just my luck that they didn't have them in stock. just my luck. luckily nate was with me or else the tears would have been flowing long before we got back into the car.
i had to go with a different flower and was an emotional mess for the next 5 hours because of it. i'm the worst. it ended up looking fine, but i wasn't close to being satisfied.

on a high note- my photographer, tavis johnson, is heaven sent. i've been SO pleased with every single one of our pictures so far :) i'm soooo glad he's doing our entire wedding. he's seriously the best. he captures our love so perfectly.

i cannot wait to marry this man in one month. 

wait- i didn't even talk about that. ONE MORE MONTH
how crazy is that? that's coming so freaking fast. 

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  1. you two are so adorable!