Saturday, July 20, 2013


so i'm sitting here in the austin airport waiting for flight 748 to las vegas. we've been delayed 40 minutes already and i'm dying in anticipation to get out of here and see my babe. i haven't seen him in like a month and we're a week away from our big day. my brain is kind of on overload.

a lot of people have been asking me if i'm nervous. nervous...i'm not really sure what they mean by that. nervous to get married? to be stuck with someone for the rest of forever with no change or switch or rewind button? nope. not nervous.

i would always ask my engaged/married friends how they knew their husbands (or wives) were "the one". cliche, yes, duh...but anyone who's not them wants to know. every single time i would get an answer like: "i just knew. it just felt right." or "it just came so easy."
which now, if you were to ask me that same question right this second, i would say the exact same things. i knew really fast and really easy that nathan was gonna be mine for eternity. everything did come SO easy. and everything did feel SO right. the entire time. even now- seven days away from walking into that temple together. i just feel so lucky :) so extremely lucky that i've finally found him.

i got an email from my best friend, kaitlin, the other day (who's currently serving a mission in rome, italy). she reminded me of all the hundreds of times we would be at home laying on our floor talking, or crying, or venting, or mulling over our breakups or heartaches and we would always end it by saying "i just wonder where my husband is right now. i just wonder who i'm supposed to be with in the end. like, where is he right this second? do you think i've met him before? do you think i know him? i just wonder what he's gonna be like..."

haha. girls are so dumb. (admit it, we are) but really! we used to say stuff like that all the time! but guess what. i found him. and i somehow convinced him to love me. and i'll never have to have those silly depressing conversations with myself ever again. cause he's here to stay and that's the best feeling in the world- to find a love that you know isn't going anywhere. that won't be questioned ever again.

i'm not nervous at all. who would be nervous about something as great as that? i'm beyond excited. one more week and i'll be mrs. bleak :)

*bleak rhymes with steak. did i already mention that? 

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