Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Wild

hi. it's me. long lost zoe. lots has happened in the last month and i think i've been trying too hard to avoid updating this thing.

so i got married. now i'm very bleak.
ok just kidding- that's just my new last name and it's actually pronounced like "blake". now you know.
with that change comes a new shadow. but really that shadow is a human being and his name is nathan. and he's really cool and smells really nice and has great hair. he also likes to wake up really early and so i'm very sleep deprived most of the time.

we spent our honeymoon skipping around vegas and california for a few days. i ate too much food and spent way too much time in the car for our own good. (we made the mistake of leaving vegas on a sunday and it took us 2 hours to drive the 30 miles out of the city. yikes.) but obviously it was awesome finally having time to ourselves after such a crazy summer away from each other. i missed him a lot.

after our not-long-enough honeymoon we had to hurry back to panaca to pack up the uhaul with all of nate's belongings and move down to college station. 1423 miles. 22 very long hours. i was just glad nathan was excited to drive the truck because that meant i didn't have to. the guy told us that it isn't allowed to go over 55 mph. we broke that rule far too many times and i think hit a maximum speed of 85 mph at one point on the trip. oops.

i've spread really nice rumors about the house we're renting down here in college station. i talked of it like one of those picturesque nicholas sparks-type cottages on a quiet lake in the country. well that's exactly what it is, but once you have a realistic man in the picture with you, it all becomes much more real and you start seeing all that is wrong with the place and everything that is missing and needs to be fixed and cleaned and repaired and installed and bought and set-up and on and on and on. my dream, for a while, turned into an awful nightmare, and we spent too much of our time complaining. i've done everything i can (so far) to make our little house into a home and i think i'm well on my way to success. there's still plenty to be done- suddenlink is about to give us a brain aneurysm. we've been waiting for over 2 weeks for internet to come and get installed. oh and we don't have any real furniture. nate eats dinner in his office chair while i continue to cave in the lid to our igloo. desperate times call for desperate measures.

these live next door to us. they're awesome.

more to come on our fun adventure- but for now, i have to go. only because we're in a campus computer lab using the internet and nate is done checking his school email. ha.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting. Grama and I are so very happy to see and hear from you! Grampa J.