Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is but a dream...

I just stole my title from Beyonce's documentary. And I don't care.
Btw, if you haven't seen it yet, do it. It came on HBO the other day and I was glued to that TV screen for the rest of the night. It was so honest and so real. Like it sounds dumb that I'm caring this much about a celebrity, but it was so inspiring. And emotional. This is one of my favorite parts:

I never realized how spiritual Beyonce is. I've only ever known her as the Queen of Pop, but she's so much more than that to me after watching this. And I think for her and I both, life IS but a dream...but dreams don't always have to be all rainbows and butterflies, ya know? We each have our share of good and bad in life. (yes I'm relating my life to a huge musical celebrity. get over it.) 

Nate and I took a little break from our country life and came back into Austin for Labor Day weekend. We finished it off with a successful trip to the lake where we were able to get obnoxiously sore before starting our first week of school and work. Yaaaay. Haha.

 My sweet boy surprised me with flowers after my first day at work, though. I'm not the biggest fan of my job, I wasn't really from the beginning, and knowing that, Nate has made it so much easier with the constant support that he shows. He even makes my lunch everrrry morning. He's the best best best. Not that many people would roll out of bed with their spouse at 6am (or earlier), if they didn't have to. Really I could go on for days about all he does for me. I love him to death.

Like I said, I started this new job. I used to think dressing up nice was like a really fun thing...well now I don't think that because I have to dress nice EVERY STINKING DAY and I'm so sick of it. I just want to wear jeansss. I miss the advertising life :(

I've really been getting into cooking lately. Maybe it's just me trying to "become one" with this new wife role I'm having to take on...but I'm reeeeally enjoying it! It's like the once thing in my life right now that can really make me feel accomplished once I have the final result in front of me. And feeling accomplished is one of my favorite feelings to it's great.

So far my favorites have been homemade granola, tikka masala and naan, aaaand [baked] banana chocolate chip donuts. seriously they are all making my mouth water just thinking about how delicious they are. Ask me if you want the recipes...I'll happily share :)

Nate and I experienced our first college game day here in College Station. Aggies are NUTS. They're cool and nice...but they are insane. Like...I knew/heard that they're big fans, but HOLY COW. You don't know until you see it. Miles and miles of tailgating. Thousands and thousands of sweaty bodies roaming around campus screaming. It was definitely a day to remember...and one to know avoid (for me). Haha. 

We finally got a couple pieces of furniture! Still no couch- but at least we have something to sit on while we eat meals. They were a steal of a deal at World Market.

Nate decided he doesn't like wearing his ring anymore (because he's scared of losing it). So I just threatened him with this after he left his ring at home for 3 consecutive days...

Don't worry. No baby on the way ;)

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