Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beautiful Things

this really beautiful thing happened today. they patched the huge pot hole that was on the road into our neighborhood. i wanted to go put stink bombs under our landlord's door mat and leave scary threats on his front door until he did something to fix it- but i never did that and THEY FIXED IT. we've been screaming about that stupid pot hole (to oursevles) for the last month that we've been here, so it was a big fat happy day when i drove home and saw that.

i only feel confident in showing you one...maybe of our home. our cute little bed, and our extended closet space. they're the only two places that i probably won't change/add to anymore. i thought i'd buy more pillows to put on our bed, but i'm realizing that's completely unreasonable because:
1. i'm the only one that ever makes the bed
2. it takes far too long and it's getting really annoying
3. once i start my job, i'll be getting up AND leaving before nate, so that means the bed-making responsbility falls on him and adding more pillows to the mix would be a big fat mistake. they'd never make it onto the bed.
4. simplicity is key, right?

this love this little queen but nathan swears as soon as we get the money and are living in a more stable place, we're updating to a king. haha.

this looks messy, but i actually kind of love having my clothes hanging where i can see them so easily like this. having them hiding in a closet is no fun. plus, our "cloest" is the size of nathan (height and width) and i hate it so much.

my handsome guy started grad school this week. he's gonna do so good :) he only has night classes, so that's kind of weird. he's gone from 4-8:30 monday through thursday. i don't really think we're ever going to have real dinner together during the week once i start my job. isn't that the worst?

i keep talking about this job. job job job. yeah i got offered a big girl job this week. woooo hoooooo. no but really i'm actually really excited to start working again. these last few weeks i've felt SO WORTHLESS because i haven't been doing anything with my life and it's SO PATHETIC. i'm just excited to have some responsibility again. and a schedule. and a reasons to wake up in the morning. ha.

i'll be working in the fancy new Texas A&M Health Science Center as a marketing assistant. it's definitely going to be very different than anything i've ever done before, but i think it'll be good. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. it's the best i could do in this tiny little town. someone's gotta be bringing home the bacon, afterall... guess that's my job for the next two years.

another beautiful thing happened today. my husband finally decided to follow me on Twitter. but now i can't tweet anything secret because he's always gonna see it. 

i should probably let you know that we finally got internet hooked up. hallelujah!! and javier really wanted to give us a free month of cable, so nathan did a happy dance and let him hook that up, too. (i told nathan i didn't want to pay the addition $50/mo for cable and he's silently hated me ever since) i told him to get his fix while he can. 

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  1. throw pillows are the bane of a husband's existence. alex likes to make the bed and put all the pillows in bizarre orders just to mess with me.