Monday, January 6, 2014

Remember how I promised I'd take more pictures? Well I'm attempting, but upon first try, I get the above outcome. Let's just say I had to get very serious with little Nathan and explain to him that he tries harder to stop the picture taking than he would have to if he just let me take it.

Since this is my first year as a married woman, I kind of forgot that I had another set of parents that I had to find a Christmas gift for. I'm not very good at gifting in the first place...but especially not when I'm trying to like, impress the in-laws, ya know? Fortunately I was craving my paints (I go through phases...) and decided to make a calendar for both my moms. I wanted to paint fruits that would be in season during their assigned months, and then I created the calendar layout in photoshop (harder than I thought it was going to be) and viola! Now on sale in my Etsy shop!

Since we spent Thanksgiving break here in Texas, we decided to travel up to Nevada for Christmastime. It was definitely much colder than I may have liked, but it was good to spend time with Nate's family for a little while. 

I won with the guns. That's what I get from being from Texas, I guess. All his older brothers earned some mad respect for me that day.

I wanted to shoot these dang turkeys so bad! They were the most vicious creatures I've ever seen. We were just minding our own business, driving into town...when all of sudden a flock of wild turkeys came stampeding towards the car and gobbling up a storm and pecking the heck out of our tires! Dad says that the people that go walking in the mornings have to take big sticks with them to fight off the turkeys when they run into them. It's serious.

Standard home decor in Panaca.

Seasons greetings from the Bleaaaaaks :) tah dah! (this was taken after a heated discussion about how Nate doesn't ever take pictures with me anymore)

Perks of going to the in-laws for the holidays: getting to look through aaaaaaaall of Nathan's pictures from him growing up. I loved it. Enough to create this mash up and try and imagine what our babies will look like. I think we'll be ok...
Sometimes don't you worry that your offspring will inherit all of your worst features from the two of you combined? Maybe that's just me...but it's a real fear and I try not to think about it because I think if I think about something too often it's really going to happen because that's just how life works because life it hard.

Also- hooray for airports that charge you $4+ dollars for one soda! Happy New Years SUCKERS!

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  1. Could you two be any cuter!? Love you both like crazy & miss you tons!!! PS~thats one cute little boy with the gigantic headphone things on (what are those even called)!! ;)