Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mushy Gushy

Nathan's trying to grow a beard right now. He sees men on TV that have similar hair growth as him and he's like, "hey my beard could look like his, right?" See below:

Yes, this means we were watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Saturday morning...judge away.

So Valentine's Day is on Friday. I've never really been a big Valentine's person. Probably because I never dated anyone seriously enough to even need to make it a big deal. Actually, I'm pretty sure last year was my first Valentine's Day that was celebrated with someone of the opposite sex. Years before that were spent with roommates watching chick flicks eating an unecessary amount of junk food on the couch. I guess that helped both me AND Nate going into it, because I had zero expectations for whatever he may or may not have planned. I tried to do little cute things that in the end just ended up being really cheesy and embarrassing. Nate automatically won when he surprised me with dinner reservations at one of our faaavorite restaurants in all of Utah County, Pizzeria 712...and might I add, reservations for Valentine's Day dinner are nearly impossible to come by. Don't ask me how he did it. 
Nate: 1   Zoe: 0

I have no idea what's in store for this year. Is it weird to anyone else that you're supposed to like...give gifts on Valentine's Day? It's like a thing, I feel like. Why? Didn't we just have Christmas? Anyway, I always thought that I was a bad gift giver...but I guess it gets easier when you're with someone 24/7 and you somehow are capable of keeping track of what they need/want or what you think they'll probably really like. Christmas required a good amount of peculiar brainstorming sessions in order to find exactly what Nate would appreciate. (I'd say I did a pretty good job) So for Valentine's I figured I'd go through a similar process and see what I could come up with. In the end, most of my brainstorming was spent doing Google searches of "what to buy men for Valentine's Day". But I found tons of great ideas...none really that I thought would appeal to Nate specifically....but it definitely got my wheels turning. It sparked some memories of little instances when Nate mentioned he was needing something, or that he really like this one particular thing, etc. I think I'm all set for this Friday. Cross your fingers he doesn't go out with a bang...

BUT...I guess you could say our big present to ourselves for Valentine's Day is a trip to NYC next weekend!!!! JetBlue was having some outrageous sale a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist booking us a flight. I absolutely love New York City. Nate's never really experienced it before, so I'm excited to get to spend the weekend with him there.

I'm praying that another huge wintery storm doesn't come blowing in while we're there. As pretty as it is, I think I'd prefer to feel my feet while I'm walking around rather than feel like they're about to break off. 

Being married is a funny thing. Especially in the beginning. A lot of my friends are in all different stages of love right now...some are barely getting engaged...some newly married...a big handful are getting ready to (or already) welcoming a new life into the world. It's crazy how much your life can change by welcoming someone else into it. And I think it happens each time you add someone else. It starts with him. I'm still in that stage. There's lot's of little things to adjust to...and everyone is so different, so no matter what advice anyone gives you, none of it is really going to echo whatever you're going through, because their husband isn't your husband and he doesn't do the same thing your husband does. It's like this love-filled journey you're essentially supposed to figure out on your own. Isn't that strange? 
As soon as it starts getting easier, I think that's when you start welcoming the thought of adding another person into your circle of life. And so the cycle goes. Each time filled with different hiccups and bruises and lessons to learn. But so fulfilling and fun and worth it. 
I get so excited for the friends of mine that are getting engaged and married. It's a freaking hard adjustment, but it's so much more fun to be going through life with someone who loves you more than anything else. I go to bed every night feeling so blessed to be where I am with the person I'm with. The town we live in sucks. My job isn't the best. We don't do a whole lot at all. But I'm realizing I don't need all that stuff to make me feel accomplished and fulfilled. I feel like it's really easy to get caught up in everyone else's life these days. Everyone and their mother puts their most detailed information up on social media for the world to see and when we start using them as a guide for what happiness looks like...it's always going to be skewed. You know that they're only putting up the most glamorous side of their life. It's an unfair comparison to measure your every day life to someone else's highlight of the week. They don't have a highlight of the week every day. 

So here's to your love. Your very own, peculiar, unlike anyone else's, love :) 

Also. Thanks to Kylie, I can't stop listening to this 90's throwback:

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