Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I feel a little stuck as an "online personality". Not that I'm trying to get famous or want to be known from my social accounts...but I like my blog. I love writing. And originally, this blog was created as an outlet for my mind/hands to spout out the thinkerings and ponderings that fill me up.

I'm stuck because I feel like the purpose of blogs and social media these days has gone from humble to haughty. Originally I was able to post anything and everything without first analyzing what others would think about it, or what would gain more clicks or pins or likes or shares...
Why does everything have to be a big competition now? Why is everyone fighting for attention?

I want to start writing again. Writing for me. Writing as a release. As an outlet.
Can we all just rewind 5 years or so? Back to before Pinterest and Instagram? Can we all stop fighting for followers? Stop analyzing our analytics? Stop trolling our traffic?

I don't want to shove my personal life in your face anymore. I don't want to broadcast my marriage and family over and over and over again in hopes of convincing you that my life is more beautifuladventurousfullhappysuccessful than yours. I just want to be able to think without over-thinking. To post without apprehension or hesitation. I want to share my inspiration and my ideas. I want to feel more creative and less competitve. Can I do that again?


  1. you worded it perfectly.
    absolutely perfectly.

  2. Girl. I feel ya. This is exactly what we (the social media world and I) need.

  3. this is wonderful, and relevant. thank you.

  4. My thoughts exactly! Thanks for writing this.