Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Feel Happy of Myself

I got this screen when I tried to get onto Twitter this morning. What has this world come many people does it take to clog an internet site? Billions?

Also, I've come to realize that my life is filled with the flakiest of flakes. Really though. They come in, work their good wit and charm, and slowly but surely, they show their true texture: flaky. It's really starting to bug me. Especially since I'm prone to disregard their flakiness at the first sign of "change". Lesson to the wise: once a flake, always a flake.

Oh! And just on a good note - during my daily bask in the sun, I saved the life of a little dragonfly. But really, when I say little, this was probably the most gigantic dragonfly that I have ever beheld. Literally bigger than my palm. Kind of disgusting - but then again, doing good deeds are not always the most comfortable of tasks...

I was watching the news last night (weird, I know), they showed this Youtube video of this little 6 year-old boy who just learned how to ride a bike. My life will be complete if my little kid turns out like this. Definitely.
I feel happy of myself.

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