Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've realized that I kind of thrive on change. It's something I'm constantly seeking and yearning for in my life. Maybe I'm still growing - still evolving into that person I want to be the rest of my life...but for now? Right now I'm having fun. I'm being spontaneous and adventurous. I'm seeking new opportunities and taking risks. I'm changing my style and forgetting the past. I'm living in the moment and loving every minute of it :)
I'm learning more than ever these last few months that you really are only young once...
My friend Johnny shared a quote with me the other day that I absolutely love:

Can I get an amen? :)

Also, Utah is moving up and up on my list of beautiful places in this world. The sunsets here continue to be the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. AND the other day, guess what there was in the sky after an afternoon rainstorm?? That's right :) A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! Omg it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 

If you were just taken aback by my commentary on this subject, you must not be aware of the Youtube video that I am referring to :) Enjoy!

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