Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personal Manifesto

I'm blunt, witty, savvy, independent, and optimistic. I use big words and still have the mind of a little girl. Large audiences do not intimidate me, but I suffer in the presence of a small group.
I grew up in a Texas town I sometimes forget how to pronounce, and I disappoint people with my lack of a southern drawl. I have a bad habit of correcting bad grammar and intimidating others. I'd like to say I'm good at writing, but I guess I just have a knack for knowing how to articulate my words.
I get excited over a new book, old family pictures, and fresh nail polish. I'm proud of my taste in music and love when others can discuss it with me. I love seeing people happy, and work really hard at keeping good relationships with everyone I know. I'm easily disappointed at the first sight of dishonesty or unreliability. I'm disgusted with bad hygiene and have an obsession with brushing my teeth.
People watching is one of my favorite things to do. My creative stimulus is triggered through observations and small details others usually overlook. Some of my favorite days are rainy days, when I can sit inside and read, or write, or just listen to the thunder outside. Call me a romantic, but I have a secret passion for action.
I love challenges. I set my goals high and take educated risks when accomplishing them. I have a keen sense of awareness. I feel like advertising is a way that I'm able to still be myself and do something that I love. It tests my capabilities and allows me to explore the world around me through research and discovery. Advertising is something that is ever changing and evolving - something that I seek for and love having in my day-to-day life.


  1. i can dig it. probably not a bad exercise to go through from time to time eh'?

  2. It was actually a homework assignment...haha